VANHU NDE VAMwari – People are God’s.

Vanhu Nde vaMwari The Bible says, Go Yee Therefore and preach the Word (soul winning) Paul, in the book of Corinthians says, We are the Ambassadors of Christ, which means we represent the Kingdom of God here on Earth. The Kingdom of God, we understand it as God's rulership in a man's heart. Am here … Continue reading VANHU NDE VAMwari – People are God’s.


The God of Our Father Has done it Again. (November 2019) Lets Come Together and Praise God for the birth of FORWARD IN FAITH MINISTRIES MICHIGAN. This is the 146th State and Nation in Which ZAOGA FIFMI have reached.

The True Cost of Forgiveness

*True Cost Of Forgiveness* THE TRUE COST OF FORGIVENESS I am writing this with a very heavy heart. I am trying, am doing that which I can, am doing my utmost best to let go off the past. Being hurt is not something that you can easily explain to someone and expect them to understand … Continue reading The True Cost of Forgiveness


ADA Official website ZAOGA FIFMI in Mozambique at 50- "Zaoga is a sacred ministry of God which was started in Zimbabwe, Which was believed and accepted by Zimbabweans, and has spread in many countries and states even overseas. " Book of History "As of 2019 November a recorded number of States and Countries in which … Continue reading ZAOGA FIFMI 50TH ANNIVERSARY – MOZAMBIQUE 🇲🇿

Is Your Future Bright or Blur

*Is Your Future Bright Or Blur?* : Brian TheAmbassador MlamboNjeni Dear Young People particularly those in Africa, A beautiful Continent, Full of Potential, Full of Resources, full opportunities. You owe it upon yourself (Youth) to determine how your future is going to be. It is not the Government, The Society or The Church that will … Continue reading Is Your Future Bright or Blur

Be Vulnerable In God’s Hands

BE VULNERABLE IN GOD'S HANDS There is no better place to be than being in his hands. It might be a metaphor or a literal statement, but still that doesn't make it less significant. "BE VULNERABLE IN GOD'S HANDS" I wouldn't and Will actually never live my life assuming that all people in this world … Continue reading Be Vulnerable In God’s Hands

Relationships Out Of God’s Will

*Relationships Out Of God's Will* Sometimes in relationships, when you have prayed for your relationship before entering into one, and you continue praying for it when you are in it, and do all the right things within your capacity for the benefit of the relationship…but unfortunately your partner decides to leave you…yet you would have … Continue reading Relationships Out Of God’s Will

Be Strategically Positioned

Be Strategically Positioned. David the little Boy in the jungle. When your Season comes, No one and nothing will stop you from blooming. David had an access to the Palace without a even a security check. He would come and play his instrument for the rejected King for no pay haaaa.. There was a bigger … Continue reading Be Strategically Positioned

The Importance of Maintaining Your Individual Identity

*The Importance of maintaining your individual identity* by _*Brian TheAmbassadors MlamboNjeni*_ What is your name? Where are you from? Whose child are you? Today am going to speak briefly on the importance of maintaining your individual identity. ‌Many a times we find ourselves in a no man's land even though We know very well what … Continue reading The Importance of Maintaining Your Individual Identity