Discouragement From Within

Discouragement from within


Life is beautiful,very very beautiful. As long as you are living, anticipate good things to happen .Sometimes we lose the joy that we have simply because we expect so much from life rather than what it can actually offer.


God being all knowing, all powerful and forever present, He created all of us differently. Our destiny is in Christ and Him alone .It is therefore very crucial as an individual to have a relationship with Christ . Many of us are so discouraged, we live life as the days go by .
This discouragement in most cases is from within. We are naturally hopeless, we don’t expect anything great to happen.

Your life is unique,very unique to such an extent that you can not compare it to your siblings’ life or your friends’.When you live in this world, understand trial and tribulation will come.
Some will come to strengthen you while others will come to prune you . In all of this, put your faith in Christ and in Him alone .

Do not be discouraged.

TheAmbassador’s Closet


  • Having an understanding of times and seasons is what will set us apart after this month of intense prayer and fasting .
  • The greatest revelation that you can ever have as a believer is living a life that is in sync with God’s timetable.
  • It is better to take 30 days sharpening your axe rather than try to use a blunt axe while laughing at those that are busy sharpening theirs. Time will come when they will need less than a day to cut down their tree while you will still be busy with your axe without even knowing when you will cut down your tree .
  • We are in a season of Spiritual rejuvenation,if there are things you wish you had already accomplished now is the time to do a thorough introspection to see where you went wrong.
  • God is a rewarder of all those who diligently  seek him.
  • He says in his word, call unto me and I will answer thee. Let us go before him to make our stories be known to Him …
  • Anxiety and sorrow will not solve any of your  problems.He say in his word “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”-
    Philippians 4:6

-Why then are you worrying while the word of God is saying you ought not to worry?

  • Understanding of seasons will influence or inspire your way of living.
  • The food that you eat, the clothes you wear, the times you wake and go to bed varies depending on the seasons.
  • It is not time to party. It is not time to have fun but instead it is time to make our relationship  with God right.
  • Whatever you are doing now will determine how your tomorrow will be.
  • If leaders call for prayer, the response  you give to the call has no effects to those who call for prayer ….attending or not attending prayer it is upto you.
  • But the truth is that our lives will never be the same. We will end up hearing you complaining about why others are succeeding while you are not.
  • Our God is very faithful and just. The Bible says seasons of sowing and harvesting will always  be there .
    “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”- Gen 8:2
  • Your harvest from a field that was never ploughed will never be the same with those whose field was properly taken care of all year round.
  • We are saying we are in a season of uprooting the weeds from our fields- Catch the spirit.
  • The Bible speaks of excelling in our matters of Grace …. May you as an individual  excell in the grace of praying and fasting.
  • As you pray have time to read the word of God …. Hunger strike is not fasting.
  • Fasting is depriving the physical  body of its food while feeding your spirit.
  • It is the word of God where we get all the nutrients we need for a healthy Spiritual Life.
  • a balanced diet is a meal that contains all nutrients in their right proportion… so prayer is part of the nutrients and you need to consume a right proportion of it.
  • When we pray, we are communicating with our Father.
  • Me and you we are children of God, the most high God.
  • The Bible says, “to them that believed he gave them the right to be called Children  of God.”
  • I grew up in a village where ploughing is part of the lifestyle.
  • When it is a season of ploughing, the rule is that no one goes to play after school, before school you must also pass through the fields.

-This was not for every term but we knew that when it is a season for plouging, it was mandatory to pass through the fields before and after school.

  • Of course there were other kids who thought we were being abused but nooo it was a rule within our family and we could gladly do it.- We understood the seasons.

-It is my prayer for us all today that in all this we may not have any deacon who misses out on this great exercise.

  • Let us continue to seek this God, He is faithful and just to answer us .

Know your Enemy …is your Enemy really Your Enemy ?

Hey you all…..Much love and Appreciation from me to you .

Refuse to be hired by people who are full of anger ,hatred ,rage to help them hate on innocent people. There are people who are working tirelessly to recruit people into their hate squad.

They will come and tell you how bad so and so is ,How mean they are ,how selfish they e.t.c . And by the virtue of them being your close friends you are most likely going to believe them without a sense doubt.

Am here just to open your eyes. You are no longer talking to other people not because they have done you wrong but simply because someone told you all the bad things about them and you believed it . For how long shall you allow people to use you like that ?

If there are people that you were no longer talk to ,greet or not wanting to associate with …..repent today ,go and ask for forgiveness ,our God is very just He will not hold it against you .

Discouragement From Within

Discouragement from within   Life is beautiful,very very beautiful. As long as you are living, anticipate good things to happen .Sometimes we lose the joy that we have simply because we expect so much from life rather than what it can actually offer.   God being all knowing, all powerful and forever present, He created […]

Discouragement From Within


The political Gap .


The two largest political parties in Zimbabwe mutual realize the Political  gap we have in Zimbabwe and capitalize or fill  it .
There is a lot of young people who are either ZANU or MDC .
Those people need a party they call theirs .
They are ready to  full participate in politics.

There is disinformation in some sectors within our community that teaches ýoung people especially  those that are born again that Politics  is bad and its not good for a believer.

Well is it not sad that the so called saved people are living under the government  being led and controlled  by half  saved  people .

It is time now we start realize that the change we all want is literally within the reach,But as long as our hands are in our pockets we will continue to live under the rulership of those  whom some deem to be incompetent  and corrupt .

Young people let us be involved in politics, Let us make our voices heard.
We can pray yes ,,but its time to fully put the boots on the ground.
Let the good in us influence change of character in those that we think are bad .

Let the Bible and Holy Ghost be your  everyday guidance .
Live a life that impact the world  .You have the potential to be a name to reckon with .
Unleash the beast in you . I believe we are well able .

If we decide to join the politics ,Let the love of Money ,Women or Men ,pride of life be not found in us . We are full of Christ and we are the Ambassadors  of the Kingdom of God .


Prayer Convention 7/01/2021

Pastor Shamiso Mwale (Cyprus)
🔸Lets continue with our custom of prayer,God is not on Lockdown*
🔸Prayer is a dialogue.

🔸Prayer causes God to deliver His Promise.
🔹Jeremiah 33vs3
🔸A prayerless believer is a powerles believer.
🔹MK 1 vs 35 to 39

◻️Laying a strong foundation of prayer

🔸Any great structure has a strong foundation.
🔸Prayer is a foundation,in the begining of the year.
🔸Jesus had a custom of waking up to pray.
🔸Prayer should be our foundation.
🔸Jesus showed us that prayer is very important.
🔸Prayer renewed Jesus,it gave him strength.
🔸Prayer gave Him authority,it gev him power over evry situation.
🔹Psa 5 vs 3
🔸Foundation of prayer set you apart.
🔸We are in 10days,we hve to lay a strong foundation of prayer.
🔸Dont lay a weak foundation but lay a very strong foundation.
🔸Go deep in prayer like never before.
🔸We dnt know what tomorrow holds but i run to the one who holds my tomorrow
🔸Refrain from things that give you pleasures,but seek God like never before.
🔸Hide yourself in prayer.
🔹Psa 91
🔸Dwell in the secret place of the most High.
🔸When you dwell in secret place of most High yu wont be afraid of terror by night.
🔸No evil shal befall us when we dwell in secret place of Most High.
🔸No pandemic wil fall on us wen we dwell in the Secret Place of the Most High.
🔸Ths foundation days of 2021,we need to seek God like never bfore.
🔸Don’t allow your character to hinder your laying of foundation.
🔹Psa 51 vs 17
🔸May God deliver my heart,my mind,my thoughts..i have to make sure my life is clean before God.
🔸Having repented before God i am confident that he can answer me.
🔹Philp 4vs6-7
🔸Thes are the days to make my request known to God.
🔸Pray for your children these 10days.
🔸Not only pray for them but praying with them.
🔸Prayer puts the extra in my ordinary.
🔹James 1vs5
🔹1 John 2
🔸Prayer will turn things around you.
🔸Prayer wil open our eyes.It wil open doors.
🔸Nothing is too hard for God.
🔸As we pray lets also pray for baba and mama E.H Guti.
🔸We pray that God Give them Devine strength.
🔸For them to have Devine wisdom.
🔸Go deep in prayer, go into the deeper places.
🔹God said draw near to me and i wil draw near to you
🔹1 Thes 5vs 17
🔹Luke 11vs 1
🔸Jesus prayed alone in the mountains.
🔸Jesus understood the importance of prayer.
🔸Keep on asking,keep on knocking, that in prayer..Jesus teaches that we need to pray continuously
🔹Luke 1 vs 18
🔸Jesus says when you ask God will give you,when you knock the door wil be opened.
🔸You dont have because you dont ask..do not be lazy in prayer.
🔸We find strength in prayer. We find breakthrough in prayer.
🔸When we pray..fire is released..yu become hot.
🔸The enemy wont stand the heat.Pray makes us hot.
🔹John 14 vs 14
🔸During these 10days,prayer must be my brekfast.
🔸Prayer must be my lunch and dinners as well.
🔸10 days must come from yo heart, not like a religion no…but must be down from your heart.
🔸Lets mek sure our relationship with God is right.
🔹Mk 1 vs 35
🔸Where is your secret place? Where is your closet?
🔸The 10days must not go by wthout hearing from God.
🔹Heb 11vs6
🔸This is the time of laying foundation,seek God with diligence.
🔹1 Samuel (Hanar story)
🔸Hana prayed deep down from her heart, no words from her mouth,only lips moving,she prayed from her heart.
🔸It deoes matter where you are,God is stil answering prayers.
🔸Dont be discouraged, pray wth your family.
🔸I am not laying a weak foundation, but a Strong foundation.
🔸Whose report are you believing?
🔸Raise your faith,what are you believing God for in ths year.
🔹Habakuk 2vs3
🔸God is definately going to show up.
🔸I dnt know about you,but as for me i realy need the spirit of prayer.
🔸We want to Push in prayer until something happens.
🔸When we seek God,we wil find Him.
🔸May the spirit of prayer come and rest upon us.
🔸When you go before God just believe,God answers prayers.
🔸Receive the power to seek God.
🔸Lets continue to believ God,he is hearing us.
🔹James 5vs16
🔸When the whole world is praying how can i sleep, when the whole world is seeking God how can i not.
🔸We have to pray for God to open our eyes so that we can see in the spirit.
🔸We have to pray enerstly for health.

◼️Compiled by Advisor Marvellous Mususa,Berea Region Johannesburg Central Province South Africa


Zaoga CCCI, Harare, 08 January 2021, Prayer Convention

Overseer C Marurama

-We are at a special time for the whole of Zaoga FIFMI. We are in 10 days of prayer and fasting.
-In Zaoga FIF, this is our culture. This is the vision that the Man of God Baba Guti our father, the Servant and Apostle of God was given by his God.
-This is the prayer that drives this church. In Zaoga the first ten days of the year, they are sacred, we don’t take them lightly because everything that we are depends on prayer.
-Prayer makes us who we are. Prayer brings the uniqueness of this church

Reference: History book by Apostle E.H Guti on page 17 point 3

-It’s not a man’s vision but it’s part of our doctrine, it’s our pattern that was given to our father by his God.

Reference: Tsamba book by Apostle E.H Guti has all the letter of the 10 days from 1975 to 2000. He says in the book that the purpose is to prepare ourselves for the year that we are entering into, a year we do not know what is waiting for us in that year.

-We enter the year through prayer; we enter the year through fasting. No one knows what 2021 is holding for us but through prayer, our mother Apostle Eunor teaches us that we must be sea divers, we go deep down and see the unseen things that no one is seeing.
-During the 10 days we become sea divers and we begin to pray for our future, our children, for the church, for our leadership, for our father and mother.
-When you play with 10 days you have played with the whole year but when you take it seriously, everything will be aligned as you go into a year that our father says we do not know what the year holds
-At Prayer Convention that’s the time where we go deeper. During Prayer Convention I change my gear of prayer and fasting.

📖Daniel 1 vs 8-21
-Daniel was just a young boy, he was a teenager when they were captured, this is the power of training. In Zaoga FIF we train our children through prayer and fasting. We are aligning our children to the vision of this church.
-Baba Guti has taught us to pray, the spirit of prayer. Prayer is our language
-Our breakthroughs come through prayer and fasting. Whatever we do is hinged on prayer and fasting
-For a young person a teenager to refuse the King’s delicacy but Daniel had been taught to pray. Daniel knew the power of prayer. Daniel knew what it means to seek God in prayer. When you eat during the ten days of Prayer, when others are fasting, you are defiling yourself.
-Fasting starts from the heart, you need to purpose yourself in your heart to say I want to be different, I want to be unique, I want to receive my miracles.
-The third hand that receives from God is through fasting and prayer. Prayer will produce miracles. It opens doors.

-During ten days I go and grab what belongs to me through prayer and fasting.
-During this Prayer Convention try to reduce your food intake, try to take little than you were doing the other days, when you deprive this body of food, you tend to hear God more.
-During these ten days, ten times better; after these ten days, ten times better in my prayer life, my finances, my marriage
-Our father this time around is emphasizing on character. He is saying work out your character
He was saying people know you more than you know yourself
-Someone must say 2021 I want to be a changed woman, I want to be a better husband, wife,, child, boss, business person
-The other things that our father is emphasizing he is saying be my discipline as he is a disciple of Jesus Christ. How? as we are in these ten days of prayer and fasting, I want to change my character.
-In many places because of lockdown we might be just few in our family but remember where two or three are gathered, He is there with us

-I used to have a problem of being moody, if they say something that offends me I will switch off and would not talk to anyone
It was like a blanket it was demonic, it was like a blanket that would come over me
-We have things in our flesh, things that will make sometimes our marriages not to be sweet.
-The devil is a bad devil, never entertain the devil because he is a bad devil
-The moodiness, followed me to work. If my boss asked me to work overtime and I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t answer and would become moody but one day during the ten days I cried out to God and told Him enough is enough
📖1 Chronicles 4 vs 9-10 Jabez didn’t like who he was and he wanted to change that through prayer. There are some things which you need to rebuke yourself from your life, there are certain things you pray to God but certain things rebuke yourself
-God heard my prayer during that ten days of prayer and fasting. During that ten days of prayer and fasting I was delivered now it’s even hard for me to be angry, it’s hard for me to be moody because of deliverance that came through during ten days of prayer and fasting
-This is the time to make sure you have a right standing with God. We are even continuing from last year to make sure your relationship with God is right
-Why I love ten days of prayer and fasting?
That’s the time God begins to point things out to you. Sometimes we have issues, sometimes we have bitterness, anger but what do we do we just put it aside. When we do that sometimes it’s just there
-During ten days search your spirit in your prayers closet do not carry some baggage into 2021.
-Some of us you are carrying some baggage from your marriage, from your relatives, from the church. It’s time to search your heart; the things that make your life to have a merry go round is the baggage
-The Word of God says work out your salvation with fear and trembling, 10 days of prayer and fasting it’s the time to work out my salvation it’s time to search my spirit
-Forgive them it’s time to forgive it’s time to let go so I can receive whatGod has for me
-In this church there is a big God in this church it’s up to you to be ordinary. Everything that we want is in God.

-Baba Guti has taught us to seek God to pray

Reference: Guidance and examples of a praying church book by Apostle E.H Guti our father is talking about a praying church.

-You are the church whether you are at home you can be a praying church. This covid-19 will not stop me from seeking God I will seek God with my family

Reference: Guidance and examples of a praying church by Apostle E.H Guti- “I want to encourage you to seek the spirit of prayer. Prayer draws people. It must be part of your ministry to pray then other people will join you.”

-The uniqueness about ten days you cannot say I am going to eat during this ten days and fast ten days another month, our father has been given the vision
-Sometimes I say I think in the heavens they say they have started Zaoga FIF is on their thing because prayer will be ascending to heaven
-I have seen results in prayer and fasting
-If you are feeling hungry I want to identify with you but I want to say if you have a hunger for certain things to drop off your life, hunger for better things, hunger for testimony, that hunger must overcome hunger for food
-Prayer breaks you down. Prayer brings a sweet spirit. When you meet a person who is prayerful, you connect in the spirit
-Prayer makes you a better wife, prayer makes you a loving husband
-Every session we pray for Baba Guti and we connect in the spirit
What is it you want? Your answer is in prayer and fasting. Ten days is not time for shopping, for whatsapp, for social media, you are wasting time. it’s time to pray, time to seek God, praying for your life, for your leader, Baba Guti
-How do we become Baba Guti’s disciples? Connection comes through praying for them earnestly from your heart, earnestly interceding for them

Compiled by
Elder Mrs P Zhuwao

For and On Behalf of CCCI Media @ 2021

Ten Days Of Prayer and Fasting

Holla Holla La Familia . Your Guy here ,Brian. I pray with so much faith that 2021 be a better year to all of you ❤❤.

I do love and Appreciate you all. You are of great importance to me . Once again thank you for taking your time to visit my blog ,I hope you will subscribe so that when I make another amazing post you won’t miss out on it .

10 Days of prayer and fasting are upon us and we are all engaging in them I suppose . If you are not ,kindly start today its never too late .

As we lay the 2021 foundation through prayers and fasting be very careful on what you allow to enter through your eye and ear gates . A lot of negative things are happening and are being said know a daily basis . Be on a lookout not to find yourself feeding on these garbage .

Prayer and fasting is tried and tested, it is not a new phenomenon. It is a way of life that yielded a lot positive results over years. Instead of being critical ,try to seek understanding….prayer and fasting works

Be also careful not to derail God’s people from their faith by your words and actions in regard to prayer and fasting. If you really feel that it does not work for you ,keep it to yourself and maybe your household too .

Read the word of God,Devote yourself to prayer and fasting . Keep a good company that encourages you through the word of God . Leave no room for negativity 💯 ,this year you will testify .


Heavenly father ,I would like to thank you for my brother, sister,mother or father who took their time to go through this article today . May you guide them throughout these ten days . May you answer them ,May you bless them ,May you protect them .

In Jesus Name.

Amen ❤❤❤❤


New Year’s Resolutions

I belong to a squash club, which is also a gym. Each year on 1 January they bring in extra gym equipment. The place is packed out. By about 7 January, they move out all the extra equipment, as most people have given up their New Year’s resolution, and the club returns to normal!

  • Get fit
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce drinking
  • Stop smoking
  • Get out of debt

There is nothing wrong with making these common New Year’s resolutions. Of course, all of us make resolutions that we fail to keep.

The good news is that each year is an opportunity for a fresh start. But then so is each week. Every Sunday is the first day of the week – a new beginning. Actually, every day is an opportunity for a new beginning.

The first three words in the Bible are, ‘In the beginning…’ (Genesis 1:1). Each of the passages for today tells us something about new beginnings and new opportunities, and suggests some possible New Year’s resolutions.

Psalm 1:1-6

‘Delight’ in the Bible

If you are beginning the challenge to read the Bible in One Year, this psalm has encouraging words for you.

The promise is that if you ‘delight’ in God’s Word and ‘meditate’ on Scripture ‘day and night’ (v.2, MSG), your life will be blessed. Happiness comes from what happens to you. Blessing is what happens to you through knowing God and meditating on his words.

God promises you fruitfulness (‘which yields its fruit in season’, v.3b), vitality (‘whose leaves do not wither’, v.3c) and prosperity (‘whatever they do prospers’, v.3d), though not necessarily material prosperity!

This message is backed up by a glance across at the ultimate fate of ‘the wicked’. The psalmist does not try to pretend that the wicked don’t sometimes prosper. He simply reminds us of the transitory nature of their prosperity – ‘they are like chaff that the wind blows away… [they] will perish’ (vv.4,6).

The key to lasting – and ultimately eternal – fruitfulness and vitality lies in your relationship with God. As you seek to follow ‘the way of the righteous’, you are assured that the Lord himself will watch over you (v.6).

Lord, thank you for your wonderful promises as I resolve to make a regular habit of delighting in your word and meditating on it.

Matthew 1:1-25

Focus on Jesus

Resolve to focus your life on Jesus. The Bible is all about Jesus. The New Testament opens with his family tree.

As we read the list of Jesus’ ancestors, it is encouraging to see that they include Tamar (the adulteress), Rahab (the prostitute), Ruth (the non-Jewish Moabite), Solomon (who was conceived after King David’s adulterous affair with Bathsheba), as well as many others. Thankfully, God uses sinful human beings and, therefore, can use us. Whatever your past, however broken your life may seem right now, God can use you to do something great with your life.

The very name ‘Jesus’ means, ‘he will save his people from their sins’ (v.21). Every time we use the name Jesus it reminds us that our greatest need is not for happiness or contentment (although these may both be by-products). Our greatest need, as with Jesus’ ancestors, is for forgiveness. Therefore, we need a Saviour.

The beginning of Matthew shows us that Jesus is the completion of all that is recorded in the Old Testament:

  • Jesus is the climax of history
    Matthew opens his Gospel by summarising the Old Testament story in terms of Jesus’ ancestry (vv.1–17). The Old Testament tells the story that Jesus completes. Matthew sets out the history of the people of God in terms of three equal periods: fourteen generations from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile and fourteen from the exile to Christ (v.17).

    In the genealogy, biological generations are skipped over (as was quite common in Old Testament family trees). Matthew was pointing out that Old Testament history falls into three approximately equal spans of time between crucial events. Jesus is the end of the line as far as the Old Testament story goes – the climax has been reached.
  • In Jesus, all the promises of God are fulfilled
    Jesus is not only the completion of the Old Testament story at a historical level, he is also the fulfilment of the Old Testament prophecies and all of God’s promises.

    Matthew concludes each of five scenes from the conception, birth and early childhood of Jesus by quoting the Hebrew Scriptures that have been ‘fulfilled’ by the events described (Matthew 1:22–23; 2:5–6,17,23; 4:14–16).

    The first one is the fulfilment in the conception of Jesus: ‘All this took place to fulfil what the Lord had said through the prophet: “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”)’ (1:22–23).

All of history, prophesy and promise, is completed in Jesus. Your whole life is completed in Jesus. Every part of your life: your work, family, relationships, friends, memories and dreams are completed in Jesus.

Lord, thank you for this promise for the new year – that, in Jesus, you are with me. Help me to focus my life on you in the year ahead.

Genesis 1:1-2:17

Enjoy God’s creation

You are not here by chance. This universe is God’s creation. You are made in his image.

Genesis gives an account of the beginning of the universe. It goes way beyond the scientific theories of ‘how?’ and ‘when?’ It answers the questions of ‘who’ and ‘why?’ Scientific theories do not prove or disprove this explanation. Rather, they are complementary.

Reading this passage through the lens of the New Testament we see the whole Trinity involved in creation. The Hebrew noun for God (Elohim) is a plural noun. The Holy Spirit was involved in creation (1:2). It was through Jesus that creation came into being: ‘And God said…’ (v.3a). Jesus is God’s Word and through him the universe was created (see John 1:1–3).

In the midst of this account of the creation, there is an amazing throwaway line showing the immense power of God: ‘He also made the stars’ (Genesis 1:16). We now know there are probably between 100 and 400 billion stars in our galaxy alone, and our galaxy is but one of around 100 billion galaxies. He made them all, just like that!

The pinnacle of his creation was human beings. You are made in the image of God (v.27). If we want to know what God is like, it is men and women together (‘male and female’, v.27b) who reflect his image.

Every human being is created in his image and should be treated with dignity, respect and love. Your ability to communicate with God is a reflection of the fact that you are made in his image.

God approves of all that he created. He said, ‘It is good’. Many people feel worthless, insecure and of no value. But God did not create rubbish. God created you. He loves you and approves of you. He may not approve of everything you do, but he loves you unconditionally, wholeheartedly and continually.

We see in this passage that work is a blessing: ‘The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it’ (2:15). Work is part of God’s good creation – not a result of the fall. This passage also reminds us that taking care of the environment is right at the heart of God’s plan for human beings.

Rest is not an optional extra. It is what God did (‘he rested’, v.2). These days of rest (days off, holidays) are days of special blessing: ‘God blessed the seventh day and made it holy’ (v.3). Holidays are holy days. They point to the fact that life is primarily about being rather than doing. Don’t feel guilty about taking time off. Holidays are good in themselves. They are also a time to recharge spiritually.

Don’t work too hard. God took time to rest and enjoy what he had made. You are not supposed to work constantly. You are created with a need for relaxation and rest – taking the time to enjoy your work and the fruit of your work.

In Genesis 2:16–17 we see that God gave Adam and Eve far-reaching permission (‘you are free to eat from any tree in the garden’, v.16), with one prohibition – ‘but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ (v.17a). He warned them of the penalty if they disobeyed (‘when you eat of it you will surely die’, v.17b). You do not need to know and experience evil. God wanted you to know only good.

Lord, thank you for this universe that you have made. Help me to keep well away from evil and to enjoy all the good things you have given us to enjoy.

Pippa Adds

Matthew 1:18–19

How difficult this must have been for Mary, her parents and Joseph. They must have felt embarrassed and ashamed. We see why Joseph was chosen to be Mary’s husband – he was very impressive. The girl he was about to marry was pregnant; he would have been justified in being furious. Yet, he didn’t want to humiliate her – he planned to ‘divorce her quietly’. We see how he acts after an angel appeared in a dream and told him to marry Mary (v.24). It must have taken faith to put aside what people thought and raise a child that was not his own.

Verse of the Day

‘The Lord watches over you’ (Psalm 1:6).

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